Friday, November 11, 2011

Let me bring you up to speed....

Hello four followers!!! Sorry I've been a bad blogging buddy, but the last couple of months have been pretty crazy!!! In a nutshell, I had about 50 family members out here from Wisconsin, got married, been chasing after my little guy, been working my a$$ off, and ran a half marathon!!

Let's start with the wedding! Paul & I got married on Oct 8th in North Scottsdale at Regale in DC Ranch. We got very lucky as the weekend before was 105, and it was a PERFECT 81 degrees for our wedding. Someone upstairs was definitely looking out for us!! It was probably the second best day of my life (right behind having Aiden). A month later, people are still talking about it. When I get around to it, I will upload our first dance - pretty damn good, if I do say so myself! Oh! You'd probably like to see a few pics...

We've also been chasing around the cutest ringbearer EVER!!! He's a handful, but we love him and are in awe of how fast he's learning about his world.

I took about two weeks off of work to spend time with my family, who I don't get to see as often as I would like. So it took me quite a while to get caught back up and get in the groove. But it was completely worth it. Especially to hang out with the man who made me the woman I am today. Love you, Dad!
And, while I was at it, I decided last minute to sign up for the Women's Half Marathon in Scottsdale which left me about 3 weeks to train. Somehow, I pulled off a new PR - 1:55:14!! I broke the two hour mark!!! Sorry about the big PROOF on the pics - but I refuse to pay $59.95 for some 3 pictures. Not happening. I have races to pay for!!!

So that's about it (?) for now. I'm just kicking off my training for P.F. Chang's in January, where I plan on running my first full (eek!). I'm also signed up with a team to run Ragnar Del Sol... 11 sweaty strangers in a van, running 200 miles?? Sure, I'm in!!!

I pinky promise I'll try to be better about getting on here more often and stalking your blogs!!


  1. Congrats!!! On your marriage & awesome PR!!

  2. What an AWESOME race! PR!!! WOOHOOO!
    And you look stunning in your pictures. LOVE your dress!!! Congrats on your marriage!