Friday, July 1, 2011

I'm back!! And this time I'm as serious as a heart attack!

So on Monday, I realized that I'm getting married in 104 days! Yikes! That means I need to squeeze into my dress!!! So I decided to put myself on a 100 day challenge - 100 days of running before the wedding - and only four "off" days. Crazy? Yes. Insane? Probably a little. But am I going to look goooood? DEFINITELY!

So Monday, I dragged myself to the gym. I HATE the gym. But since it's hotter here in Phoenix than Satan's kitchen, I don't have much of a choice. Ran 2.5 miles in 22:50. 9:08/mile. I also managed to do 15 pathetic pushups. Have I mentioned my dress is strapless? Yeah... pushups are good.

Tuesday - more gym time. Have I mentioned that I HATE the gym? Ran 3.1 miles (5K) in 27:53. A new PR!!! 9:00/mile. Thinking about the dress, I managed 20 pushups.

Wednesday - more gym time! (By this point, I think Paul realized that I'm actually serious about this 100 day challenge). Ran 3.4 miles in 30:00. 8:49/mile. One of the trainers actually complimented me on my run!! Since the treadmills automatically shut off at 30 minutes (again, have I mentioned that I HATE the gym?), he said that he doesn't see too many people get over 3 miles in 30 minutes. Sweet! So I left feeling like a rock star, and banged out 25 pushups (strapless dress, strapless dress, strapless dress)....

Thursday - Since I'm a sales manager, the last day of the month is always sheer stress. Making sure sales ship, quotas are met, final reports are done, making sure my employees have their numbers met... got home and I was mentally and physically done. So I decided to use up one of my free days and have two galsses of wine. A good friend of mine gave me a MONSTER wine glass that says "Mommy's Super Sippy Cup." I've decided that the last day of every month will be my free day. I'm going to need it.

Friday - We got home from work, and I was starving. Paul grilled up some awesome burgers, and I thought "There's nothing wrong with taking another free day, right?" So after about an hour of telling myself that I deserved another day off, Paul "gently" reminded me that if I took another night off, I'd only have 2 free days left. We have a bet on whether or not I will finish this. He thinks it's insane. So I ran. Pathetically. HUGE hamburger + Phoenix heat + running = not a good idea. Ran 2.5 miles in 20:45. 9:08/mile.

In other news... My flowers are finalized for the wedding!!! And I ordered a sweet pair of shoes that should be here on Tuesday!!! I'm getting pretty excited!! And as of today, I have only 100 days left of being a "Miss"!!!!!

Any fun weekend plans?? Mine will include early wakeups to run before it gets over 100 - I don't have that luxury during the week since I have to be at work at 6AM (I know - doesn't that sound awful?? It is.) I have a 5 miler on my schedule tomorrow, so wish me luck!!!

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  1. That's quite a challenge - way to rock out a tough run! A bet is the best way to keep it going, in my opinion. And putting it on the blog. Your body will be even more rockin than it already is at your wedding!