Sunday, February 13, 2011

And she's back!

I did it!! I went running today! First time in over two weeks...

I only ran two miles, though. I could have definitely ran more. My legs and lungs were ready for it. But, unfortunately, it's shark week... the cramping in my abdomen was so bad that I thought my guts might explode at any second. Not exactly the look I'm going for at the gym. ;)

But I'm glad to be back. I spent the night stalking everyone's blogs and getting my marathon training back on schedule. I'm contemplating running the Havasu Half Marathon in April. It fits nicely into my training plan, and I think would give me motivation to keep on going over the next 16 weeks.

I'm going to spend this week just getting my mileage back on track, and then I'm full on training. I don't foresee any more moves or ear infections in the near future - knock on wood - so hopefully the last couple weeks are the only bump in my training plan!

Oddly enough, I'm also kind of excited for work this week. Weird.

Oh - almost forgot - I need some new music for my runs! What's the best song on your playlist??

1 comment:

  1. I too would want to run the Havasu Half but I cant justify spending the money because I was lazy and didn't sign up when it was 45 bucks.

    Hey email me if you do those urban races. I have a free entry into the Cityscape Urban Race (you have to solve clues and try to beat the other teams). I can't do it so I am trying to find a person who would enjoy it. let me know :)