Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 2 of re-starting Marathon Training...

Ugh!! The running gods were totally out to get me today!! I came home from work, and headed straight for the gym. Got there, and EVERY machine was being used!! WTH?!?! And there's this girl - I'm going to name her ANNOYING GIRL - who walks at 1.8mph on the treadmill. Normally, I'd give kudos to someone for just getting out there, but I glanced at her machine and she had been on there for 2 1/2 hours! And she had just barely gone 2 miles! Maybe she should be more concerned with getting physical activity than texting because that's all she was doing the WHOLE TIME!! Doesn't she realize that I have sub-four marathon dreams?!?!? I wouldn't be so annoyed with her except she was there last night doing the same thing!!! AHHH!!! So I opted to run outdoors, which was probably better for my sanity anyway.

But now, I'm chillaxing and stalking blogs when lo and behold - Skinny Runner is giving away an AWESOME YELLOW JACKET from GirlGetStrong!!! Go to her page and 'like' GirlGetStrong for a chance to win. I want - nope, take that back - NEED that jacket. So sweet!!!

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