Monday, February 7, 2011

Oh, how I've missed you!!!

What a week!!! Over the last seven days, I've battled the flu, moved to a new (and bigger) apartment, caught up with some old friends from back home (Wisconsin), and watched my team bring home the Lombardi trophy!! Did you notice that running was not any part of that whole week?? Ummmmm, yeah....

I feel so out of the loop right now. During the move, I was without internet for three whole days!! Somebody might as well cut off my right arm!!! So now I'm spending all night stalking everybody's blogs, jealous of their runs, and miserable because I feel like I am so far off track with my marathon training. Ugh. And now that I'm in a new area, I'm feel lost - I don't have my normal running path along the canal, and I had so many good loops too. Bummed. But our new place is almost twice as big as our last apartment, and we had definitely outgrown the last place.

I'm also now starting to resemble a normal human being. That flu that's going around out here sure is a doozy!! Hope none of you get it - it'll knock you on your ass!!!

Last but not least.... GO PACK GO!!! Being from Wisconsin, I was born and bred a die hard Packer fan, so watching them bring home the Superbowl Championship was pretty special.

So now I have to re-vamp my marathon training. I should be pulling off easy 14 milers by now, and I haven't ran in almost a week and a half. My running shoes stare at me every time I leave the house, their tongues just hanging out... I have to get back out there. There's just so much to do!!!


  1. Glad you feel better and I hope you're getting settled in. What a stressful week!!

  2. Congrats on your Packers win! ;) And I'm sure you'll get back to your training in no time; you can do it! :)