Monday, January 31, 2011

Running to stay sane???

I am about to EXPLODE!!! We're moving this Saturday, and the packing.... well, let's just say "What packing?" because we have hardly started!! I've been down with the flu, and I'm about ready to sell our two year old son for a nickel!! I'm dying for a run... but where to find the time???

San Diego is less than 17 weeks away, which sounds so far away, but I clearly remember signing up for P.F. Chang's thinking I had all the time in the world to train -- and that was only a half! ARRRRGGGHHH!!!! 

So I think I have a plan: quick 4 mile tempo run tomorrow on the dreadmill (flu be damned), rest of the evening cleaning/packing, and let Daddy take care of the terrible two year old!

Oh - and tomorrow kicks of the first business day of a new month! Swell! For a sales manager, that means new quotas, new targets, and (hopefully) a strong start to the month!

Gonna need all the luck in the world tomorrow to make this all happen!! Fingers & laces crossed!!

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