Monday, January 17, 2011

"You're so weird!" and Race Pics!!!

So after I finished my race yesterday and called friends and family, the one resounding thing I kept hearing (besides CONGRATS) was, "you're so weird!" Why?? Why is it so weird to run? Isn't it natural - dare I say it - HUMAN NATURE to run? Without running, would we even have survived as a species? How do those who don't run survive now? I know that without running, I wouldn't survive. I'd go crazy running in circles all day long. I'd feel like one of those hamsters on a wheel - and in short order, you'd have to put me in a padded room and lock the door. Running allows me to break free of my life, lay down all my daily titles (mom, manager, fiancee, etc), and just BE. There is no other part of my day that I find more spiritual, more relaxing, more EVERYTHING. It keeps me sane. There is something so meditating about letting my breathing and stride just fall together. Maybe I'm the only one who feels that way. But I'm pretty sure the 25,000+ people that joined me yesterday at P.F. Chang's would tell me that I'm not alone.

So... much anticipated RACE PICS!!! Yahoo!!! Here are a few of my favorites!
Here I am getting ready to go!! I love how the reflective tags on my iFitness belt make it look like I have headlights!!!
 So here I am finishing. This picture would have been SO. MUCH. BETTER. if the girl in front of me hadn't just decided to stop. Hello, race etiquette?? (Also, is it creepy that I searched her bib # to know if I beat her? I did beat her, by the way... 2 full minutes... )
Quite possibly, my FAVORITE race picture ever!! This was about 10 or so miles in. And that smile is genuine!
And here it is.... The one I worked so hard for!! I gotta say I'm pretty proud of my stats... So here they are:

Clock Time: 2:14:15
Chip Time: 2:03:53
Overall Place: 5213/19298
Gender Place: 2101/11886
Division Place: 382/1947
Pace: 9:27
5K: 30:35
10K: 59:36
8.5 Mile: 1:20:34
10 Mile: 1:35:33

Looking forward to my knees feeling normal again. Got a much deserved post-race massage today, and hopefully I'm back out on the road on Wednesday!!! Gotta keep the legs loose!! San Diego Rock 'n Roll is just around the corner! (Did I mention I'm doing a full in June?? Maybe I AM weird!!!)


  1. Great job on your race!! You totally rocked it!! :)

  2. Awesome job!! I would LOVE to run a 2:03!! I ran my last half at the RnR San Antonio and I'm attempting a full in May. Yes, I would say weird, but I'm right there with ya!

  3. Found you via crazy/determined blog.

    Congrats on such a great race! I am doing the full next year!

    So you are doing the RNR San Diego full? I am doing the half!

    Dig your site..check out mine