Monday, January 24, 2011

I promise... I swear... I vow...

...To stick to my marathon training plan. I have to. I've enlisted the help of my fiancee, Paul, to be the enforcer. Posted the schedule right there on the fridge, and even though he has no clue what a tempo run is, he still makes me go out and do it. So I'm two days in, and so far so good. Did my weight training today like a good girl. Is it just me, or would you rather run 20 miles into the wind than lift weights? I HATE lifting. Ugh.

Now that my half is over with, I'm starting to get bummed. Honestly, I half-assed my training, and tried to cram it all in three weeks before the event. Now I look back and realize that had I trained, I could have made some serious time. Damn... My boss told me I'd never beat his time (1:49), but I only missed it by 14 minutes. 14 minutes!!! A little extra dedication to my training schedule, and I wouldn't have beat his time - I would have smoked it!! There's a slight running competition between my boss and me. He's 14 years older than me, and keeps telling me that I will never be faster than him - even when he's 80. Oh - and that it's impossible to qualify for Boston at your first marathon. I think I'd like to prove him wrong.

So here's my vow to myself: I will stick to the plan. I will not question it. And I will qualify for Boston.


  1. Woo hoo, you can do it!! :) You seem like a badass - i will keep my fingers crossed for a BQ time!

  2. With your time from your first I totally dont see why you could not beat him. Especially if you didn't really train as well as you feel you could have!

    So what's next for races?

  3. You can do it! I just picture running through the finish line when I'm struggling through a run - sometimes I picture a certain time on the clock too!