Sunday, January 16, 2011

There aren't words in the dictionary to describe this feeling!!

I just completed my FIRST 1/2 MARATHON!!! Whooo hoooo!!! Go me!! I ran P.F. Chang's Rock n' Roll Half Marathon in 2:03:53! Not bad for my first try!! And my most amazing feat? I RAN THE WHOLE WAY!!! Looking forward to seeing the race pics!! Bib #27575 - look me up!!!

There aren't even words to describe how I'm feeling right now - elated, inspired, cocky, proud... you name it, I'm feeling it!!! I'm even a little sad that it's over! Guess I'm going through "marathon withdrawals".... The only way to cure it? Sign up for another one!!

This coming Saturday, I'm signing up for Team in Training! Looking forward to completing the San Diego Rock 'n Roll... But this time, I'm doing the FULL!!! I have to do it - it's on my bucket list!! And if I feel like this afterwards, I just might become ADDICTED!!

My knees are KILLING me right now, but other than that, I feel great!! Looking forward to a much deserved day of vacation from work tomorrow, and that post-race massage!! Oh yeah, baby!!!


  1. Congrats on finishing your first half!! And you totally kicked but. 2:03 is AWESOME!! I have run 2 1/2's and I'm signing up for my first full in May!
    I started running about a year ago because I felt miserable about myself and it was time to get my butt in shape...haven't looked back since.
    Ice your knees girl!! They will thank you!! : )

  2. Way to go lady!!! That is SO awesome! You're a rockstar! :)

  3. total bummer bout your knees. I had just gotten a shot in mine on Thursday then ran the race, well walk/ran the race with a decent respectable time considering my injury.

    I hope your knees heal quickly!