Monday, March 14, 2011

Not so Superwoman....

So yesterday, against all advice, I went out for a run/walk. Thought I was much tougher than your average human being, smarter than all the doctors.... WRONG!!! There's a reason my surgeon said no running for six weeks - my stomach is swollen!! Check it out... yeah, that's all swelling.... You can see where my abs usually are, and where my tummy pops out!!
I'd show you what it looks like from the front, but it's pretty nasty... Seriously, it's gross.... Okay, okay, since you asked for it.... But if you just ate, you might want to stop right here. Turn back now.... Okay... you were warned....

So what to do with myself now??? Stalk blogs, of course!!! And plan my summer/fall races!!!

I'm thinking about doing the E.T. Midnight Marathon in Rachel, NV. It runs on the fringe of Area 51 - at MIDNIGHT!!! Super cool!!! And it's a Boston qualifier..... hmmmmm.... Do any of you have some good summer/fall races coming up??

Oooh!! Awesome Quote of the Day from Runner's World!!!

Whenever you have any bump in the road, whether it's two weeks or two years, there are so many naysayers. Let it fuel you. Don't take it personally. Go out and prove them wrong.

Jenny (Barringer) Simpson, Olympian and American recordholder in the steeplechase


  1. Oh no! Take it easy and get better soon!!

  2. Ohhh The ET Race has soo been on my list for a while!!!!

  3. I hope it didn't hurt! Ouch!