Sunday, March 6, 2011

T-minus 24 hours and counting....

So, in roughly 24 hours, I will be under the knife. I'm super excited to get these hernias fixed and get back out on the road, but I'm also super nervous about getting put under. The only anesthesia I've ever had was back in high school when I had my wisdom teeth out.

Against doctor's orders, I'm heading out for an easy 3 miler today. I don't know why, but I feel like I have to run one more time before my surgery. Maybe subconsciously, I'm afraid that something will happen, and this may be my last run ever. Stupid, I know... but I'm going out today... just in case.

I'm sure everything will turn out just fine. Lord knows that my surgeon has done thousands of the exact same surgery that I'm having.

Anywho.... say a prayer for me tomorrow, and run a mile or two for me while you're at it.


  1. Saying a prayer for you!! Hope things go well1 : )

  2. oh wow. do let us know when you are home and stuff. You will be running in no time!

  3. I hope your surgery went well and and you beginning your recovery! :) take care