Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ready.... Set...

GO!!! At least that's what I'm hoping to hear tomorrow from the surgeon. It's been almost three weeks since my surgery, and almost 5 since I've been running regularly. I'm so ready to run!!

Thanks to Diana (check out her blog!), I signed up for the Really Big Free Marathon!! I stayed up until 12:01 AM so I could make sure to get registered... Come to find out, the field is only half full (which means I could have caught some zzzzzz's last night). So there's still time to sign up. It's going to be in Vegas (okay, Henderson) on November 3, 2012. Yeah, I know that's next year, but how can you say no to a FREE MARATHON?!?! And you get a tech tee and a really big finisher's medal! You do have to put down a $50 deposit to hold your spot, but you get it back when you show up to the race or if you cancel at least 3 months prior to the race.

I'm resigning myself to the fact that San Diego is out. It's only 2 months away, and registration is almost full. If it is still open by the time my bday rolls around, I'll take that as a sign from the running gods that it's meant to be. Otherwise, I'll train like hell and hope that I can qualify for Boston at the ET Marathon in August.

So I'm so glad that tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! This has been the longest... week... ever.... Ugh! In fact, I think I might just go have myself a glass of wine right now and wish it was already Friday.

Do you have any fun weekend plans?? Mine hopefully include logging some miles! FINALLY!!! And more wine, of course!


  1. I hope you get great news from the doctor tomorrow!

  2. my weekend plans are to do homework and move my man into my house. It is time for cohabitation....yaaaa Joy oh joy been moving for weeks.
    Hope you get good news!!!!!
    Im seriously considering ET in August.