Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I DIDN'T Miss About Running - and check out SR's HUGE GIVEAWAY!!!

Quick disclaimer: I wrote this last night, but for some reason, my stupid phone would not send the pic to my email. Love technology... 

So today was much better than yesterday. I managed to get out 3 miles before having to walk a bit. I'm struggling a bit to find my happy pace... Mile 1: 9:42 (perfect-o!), Mile 2: 9:36 (little fast), Mile 3: 9;24 (WTH?! No wonder I'm tired!). So I walked for about half a mile, and then picked it up for about another mile back to the house. But as I was running, I realized that there were a few things about running that I didn't miss...
  1. I didn't miss having callused, ugly feet. It was kind of nice to indulge in a pedicure the last couple of weeks, and yes I would like callus removal thankyouverymuch... Oh wait, those were there for a reason. I now have a gorgeous blister under my second/third toes. I definitely run too much on my toes.
  2. Non-runners when you're running outdoors. Yesterday, it was the three (overweight) teenagers that kept calling me Forrest. And somehow I managed to run into them three times during my run. At a more immature point in my life (read: single, no kiddo), I would have grabbed the biggest of them and given him a few choice words that maybe he should take up running too. Today, it was the guy in the car that had to yell WOOOOOOHOOOOO! and honk repeatedly at me. Yeah, buddy, I see you... and I'm totally not acknowledging you. Why do non-runners get such a kick out of seeing us run? It's not like we're not doing anything illegal or immoral - or even unnatural. I don't get it. 
  3. BLOODY TOES!!! Arrrgh!!! In the joy of having pretty toes for a few weeks (see #1), I haven't kept my toenails as short as I should. Thus, when I pulled off my socks, I found this:
Totally awesome, right???
 If you haven't done so yet, check out Skinny Runner's AWESOMELY HUGE GIVEAWAY!!!! Yikes!! Someday, I hope I have such an awesome blog that companies want me to test/review/give away their stuff! I adore her - she's frickin' hilarious. Follow her blog!!!


    1. Ugh i HATE when people honk or yell out their car windows. Biggest pet peeve of running outside. Ha, this makes it sound like it happens to me all the time..

    2. I get the bloody toes too! I had to buy sneakers that were a size too big so my toes didn't squish together. I feel pretty hard core after tho. Bleeding and don't even know it!

    3. It actually scares me when people honk, so I HAVE to wear my IPOD. I have almost jumped INTO the road when I am honked. I can see the headlines now. Flirty driver honks at runner. Runner commits runnercide by running INTO the road.

      Not a pretty sight. :)
      I have not had bloody toes, but have gotten blisters. I actually did hiked 11 miles down to Havasupai falls and then took off my shoes to put on my camp shoes and EVERY TOE was blistered and bloody. Never even felt a thing...crazy huh!?!